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About Us

F1NE-TUNE's Treasure is F1NE-TUNE's first tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit. It was founded in September 2023 by Dr. Rita Williams and Sonya Scott to change the narrative of black males. F1NE-TUNE's Treasure recognizes and advances black male empowerment.


In 2020, F1NE-TUNE began its work with black males through virtual monthly Treasure Chats and the inaugural Treasure Hunt Conference. While preparing for the first in-person conference in 2023, F1NE-TUNE realized its efforts would significantly increase through a nonprofit.


F1NE-TUNE facilitated opportunities for seasoned black males to equip adults with strategies to boost the academic, social, and emotional levels of school-aged black males. Through its network of educators, businesspersons, community members, and parents, F1NE-TUNE's Treasure will continue that work while also providing opportunities for dynamic black males to directly help school-aged black males overcome personal and societal pressures unique to the black male experience.

We believe all black males can embrace who they are and define their future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We celebrate and elevate black males of all ages.

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Our Vision

We seek to create a world where black males feel supported, empowered, and celebrated. We believe that by investing in black males, we can create a better future for our communities and our world. Therefore, we help black males discover and unlock their God-given treasure.

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